Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Explore Gurbani Yourself

The self-proclaimed Saints nowadays are doing everything that is prohibited in Gurbani. They have hijacked Gurbani, and become custodians in a manner such that common people be kept away from any chance of exploration of true meanings of Gurbani. They insist on Gurbani recitation repetitively for hundreds of times because they know that if people are kept busy in recitation, they will not explore it. To engage people in repetitive recitation, they will come up with various made-up benefits.

For instance, if you do recitation 100 times, then you are liberated. There you go. Case closed. That’s really what they are up to. They have gone as far as installing Bhagat Namdev’s statues in temples, the person who has written so much against idol worship. They fear that if the correct message of Bhagat Namdev gets out, it might act as a severe blow to the practice of idol worship elsewhere. And if someone sticks his neck out and speaks against this, these people would spare no time in blaming the other person of sacrilege.

This practice of repetitive recitation of hundreds of Sukhmani Sahib by specially made societies with the excuse that it is a way to connect people with Gurbani is a sham. If anything, common people need to explore the Gurbani themselves and need not get misled by those who engage them in such futile exercise.

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