Thursday, March 5, 2015

Markat musti anaaj ki

markat musti anaaj ki
                   man baura re leeni haath pasaar ||
   chhootan ko sehsa parya
                          man baura re nachyo ghar ghar baar || 
         (Sri Aad Granth, Page 336)

A typical monkey trap consists of a long necked vessel that is filled with grains. In order to reach for the grains, the monkey puts his hand into the vessel and grabs a handful. Due to his filled fist, he is then unable to take his hand out of the vessel. Only if he loosens his grip on the grains he can then get his hand out of the vessel. But he doesn't, and due to this irresistible temptation he is then made to dance from door to door (by his owner) throughout his life, to earn grains for the owner’s children.

Similar is the situation with most of us. Due to our irresistible temptations for materialistic pleasures, which can only be obtained via our physical body, we find it tremendously hard to loosen out grip on our body. We are always worried and tense about the body. The result of which is that we are then made to dance (work) throughout our life, to earn physical pleasures for the owner’s (God’s) children. Be it in the form of a human, a tree, or any other species, all we become is just a medium by which God’s other children are nurtured. Until the time we are bound by this temptation, and maintain grip (or focus) on our body, we remain moved away from our primal goal of self-awareness.

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